What hit the NBA plane?

You’ve probably seen the pictures of the chartered NBA plane that was dented after hitting “something” during the flight. The story that they hit a bird is not believable given the photos or the general laws of physics. We have a different theory, and it relates to the military’s weather manipulation program. The videos below show multiple white objects flying through the clouds at fast speeds. These videos are undeniable proof that these programs are taking place in our skies. If you think these videos are fake, there are instructions for you to capture these objects yourself. I used a consumer level Lumix camera, with a 30x zoom.

A plane in China also has the same damage after hitting a UFO.

In fact, here are a few more stories of near misses:

So what hit the NBA chartered plane? Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

**Watch these videos on as big a screen as you can. The glowing orbs are hard to see on small screens.

Weather as a force multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025

In 1996, a document was created by the U.S. Military called “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” The gist of the document is that if a military can control and manipulate the weather of another country, it would give the controlling military a huge advantage on any battlefield. This is incredibly disturbing given the “unprecedented” weather events the are gripping the world. Over 20 years   later, many believe the military has achieved it’s stated goal, and that we are in the midst of a “weather war.”

View the full PDF here

Here are a few articles with details:

Weather made to order

This article is from the 1950s, and partially defines the Cold War as a race between America and the Soviet Union to develop weaponized weather programs. Now, over 50 years later, America and Russia tensions are high, and the weather is out of control. Coincidence?

From the article: “Rainmaking” or weather control can be as powerful a war weapon as the atom bomb, a Nobel prize winning physicist said today. Dr. Irving Langmuir, pioneer in “rainmaking,” said the government should seize on the phenomenon of weather control as it did on atomic energy when Albert Einstein told the late President Roosevelt in 1939 of the potential power of an atom-splitting weapon. “In the amount of energy liberated, the effect of 30 milligrams of silver iodide under optimum conditions equals that of one atomic bomb,” Langmuir said.

smithsonianmag.com »


A weather modification timeline

Our country’s obsession with controlling the weather goes back to the late 1800s. This website starts from the beginning, documenting the history of weather modification. This is a great tool to understand that our extreme weather is not due simply to climate change. Our government and military play a huge part in what we are now dealing with on a daily basis.



You may never look at the sky the same way again

When you look at the sky today, you see a collection of triangles, squares, hard edges and angles. The only explanation for these types of shapes: they are manmade, without a doubt, and part of the weather modification system. Most of these pictures were taken over the skies of NOLA. I have annotated some of these pictures. I don’t remember seeing anything like this as a child. Anyone can go outside on any given day and photograph these shapes, especially the triangles, they are the most obvious.

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