We’ve put together a collection of articles from major online publications all calling for Geoengineering programs to help fight climate change. What most readers might not understand is that these programs have been in place since the 1990s, and probably longer. This article even shows a graphic of planes that are spraying what is popularly known as chemtrails.

While you are reading these articles, please realize that you did not and likely won’t hear any of this on television networks. It is hidden online for all to see, but none of these articles are getting the attention they deserve. It is our opinion that this is the most crucial issue of our time.

From the Guardian:

From Wired:

From Forbes.com:

From Popular Science:

From MIT Technology Review:

From Space.com:

From Smithsonian Magazine:

From NBC News:

From Business Insider:

From Futurism.com:

From Science Magazine:

From the Carnagie Council:

From Newsweek:

From The Independent:

From NPR:

From Reuters:

From CNET.com:

From The Atlantic:

From The Daily Mail:

And the list goes on and on…