You’ve probably seen the pictures of the chartered NBA plane that was dented after hitting “something” during the flight. The story that they hit a bird is not believable given the photos or the general laws of physics. We have a different theory, and it relates to the military’s weather manipulation program. The videos below show multiple white objects flying through the clouds at fast speeds. These videos are undeniable proof that these programs are taking place in our skies. If you think these videos are fake, there are instructions for you to capture these objects yourself. I used a consumer level Lumix camera, with a 30x zoom.

A plane in China also has the same damage after hitting a UFO.

In fact, here are a few more stories of near misses:

So what hit the NBA chartered plane? Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

**Watch these videos on as big a screen as you can. The glowing orbs are hard to see on small screens.