Many believe that the Air Force fighter jets that fly over our cities are doing so as part of the weather control grid, as some sort of training exercise. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt the sorties are unsafe and should be stopped immediately. Below is a collection of articles documenting these fighter jets crashing, and on one occasion into a residential home killing three family members.

These planes fly weekly training missions over New Orleans and other major cities across the U.S. Hopefully our leaders will be called to task to stop this unsafe and unnerving practice ASAP.

2017 – Arizona: 

2017 – New Jersey: 

2017 – Maryland: 

2017 – Nevada: 

2017 – Houston: 

2017 – Tennessee: 

2017 – Washington, D.C.: 

2016 – North Carolina: 

2015 – Arizona: 

2014 – California: 

2014 – Nevada: 

2010 – Tennessee: 

2008 – San Diego: 

2011 – San Diego follow-up: