2017 Baton Rouge floods: An alternate theory

My heart broke as I watched the 2017 flooding around Baton Rouge and the surrounding area take the homes of friends and family. It also broke because of the growing amount of evidence that these new catastrophic floods are not caused by climate change, but are likely a weapon in the ongoing global weather war machine.

If you watch the video below right around the 10:00 mark, again from weatherwar101, you will see that the “storms” that caused the flooding developed right over the state of Louisiana in the area of the flooding. They developed right there, and dumped the rain in the same areas. There were no rain fronts to mention, and nothing came in from the sea. Everything generates nearby where the flooding took place.

This exact same scenario happened in the Houston floods of 2017, where you saw these massive plumes of water vapor generate from over the city itself, well after Harvey passed, and then came the rain.

There are several theories about what is going on. One leading theory is that power plant cooling towers are creating massive amounts of water vapor that are then falling to the ground. You can watch evidence of this, as the video below shows around the 6:45 mark. You can watch the cooling towers create massive clouds in the sky. All of that water has to go somewhere.

Why people think hurricane Harvey was a weather-manipulated storm

The damage that hurricane Harvey did was horrific, and our hearts go out to the families and communities affected.

One thing does not add up, though. If you watch a time-lapse of Harvey, you will notice two things. One, the storm makes it’s way onto land and for the most part dissipates long before the flooding happens. If you watch closely, you can see that the clouds that dropped the immense amount of rainfall originated from land, from right over the city of Houston itself. The storm that caused the flooding appears to be an entirely separate event from Harvey itself.

This time-lapse videos shows the unexplained “plumes” that dropped the historic amount of rain on the city. We are presenting a video from “WeatherWar101,” a weather manipulation exposer on YouTube. In this video, at about the 5:30 mark, you can watch for yourself at the huge plumes come from the city itself, then drop massive amounts of rainfall. The rest of the video is worth watching, as WW101 has his own unique ideas about how parts of the weather control system work. This is truly an outstanding video and worth sharing.

Today’s unprecedented weather explained

We are seeing an unprecedented combination of catastrophic weather events which we are told is the new climate change reality. There is another side to the story, however, that is easily understood with a little research and guidance. Read More »

Floodlist.com: A disturbing view of a global crisis

A “rain bomb” over Arizona, 2017

“Rain bomb” closeup, 2017

I ran across this website last year after the flooding of Baton Rouge, La. The flooding issues that we are experiencing almost weekly in the U.S. are happening all over the world, and almost every time we hear the same story: Major flooding in areas that never flood; Unprecedented amounts of rain; Record amounts of water dropped from the sky within hours; Deaths and loss of property; Rain dropped like a bomb; This is the new climate change reality, etc.

This website is alarming in their headlines such as this one: “Flood Losses in Europe to Increase Fivefold by 2050.” Note that they don’t talk about human casualties, only property damage, as if the insurance companies are the only ones really worried.


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